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Mangalitsa Pig Lard - magic in the kitchen!

 Many of the cooking traditions of the past are being rediscovered by a new generation. Chefs at the famous French Laundry and the Herb Farm have been on board for years. What is the product you ask… Artisan made lard. Want magic in your next pie, biscuit or cookie recipe? Do you love perfectly cooked scrambled eggs and omelets, then you have the ingredient. We have tried several products from up and down the left coast and have discovered what may be the best. Available at The Chef Shop in Seattle is Mangalitsa Pig Lard. Just amazing! These piggies were bred for this very purpose and the flavor is fantastic. The flaky pie crusts of your dreams is at hand. Shipped frozen at $45 for 3.75 to 4.0 pound buckets which will last and last. A true ‘off the vine’ pick that will make you a star in the kitchen. 

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