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Our 5% Pledge

At off the vine magazine we take social responsibility seriously. We pledge to support great causes and organizations by donating 5% of all new otv subscriptions to these worthy groups. Join us with your generous support by considering an additional donation. Please contact these groups directly to learn more. 

Ecotrust - Ecotrust is dedicated to promoting sustainability for the rain forests of the northwest United States, Canada and Alaska. Ecotrust's programs and approach are based on the premise that economic, ecological, and social equity systems are mutually interdependent: the triple bottom line. Founded in 1991 and based in Portland, Oregon, Ecotrust works in five programmatic areas: Fisheries, Forestry, Native Programs, Food & Farms and Citizenship. contact ecotrust

PCC Farmland Trust 
- the PCC farmland trust secures, preserves, and stewards threatened farmland in the northwest, to ensure that generations of local farmers productively farm it using sustainable, organic growing methods. support the farmland trust

Slow Food USA - Slow Food USA seeks to create dramatic and lasting change in the food system. We reconnect Americans with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our food. We seek to inspire a transformation in food policy, production practices and market forces so that they ensure equity, sustainability and pleasure in the food we eat. find out more

Save the Bay - Save The Bay is the oldest and largest organization working exclusively to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay. As the Bay’s leading champion since 1961, Save The Bay is committed to making the Bay cleaner and healthier for people and wildlife. support save the bay