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Reviews & Access: 
Full access to all otv reviews and archives, and the ability to post comments and recommendations to other members. OTV works great with i-phone!

Searchable Database: 
of every food review, wine and resource!

Tasting Notes & Wine Pick’s:
ratings and reviews, recommended red & white wines under $20, 90 pts +, wines of the week. Search by State, or use our site’s search engine to find great wines and detailed reviews

Restaurant Reviews:
Independent reviews take you to the best spots in town. Pictures, and links, along with our exclusive “off the vine” rating scores.

The Top 10: 
Our “10 best” list covers restaurants in major cities & areas along the west coast

Quick Hit’s:
snapshots and quick picks  of places we love… with all the info

Local Icons:
Breakfast Spots, Burger Joints, Chowder Houses, Pizzerias, Hotdog stands and much more

In Depth Reports:
Interviews, profiles, winery reports, tasting room visits, harvest reports and more

Weekend Getaway:
OTV helps you plan your next weekend getaway

The Cooks Corner:
Recipe’s, product & cookbook reviews, video cooking demo’s, classes, technique tip’s, and our gourmet shop has recommended cookware, electrics, tools, cookbooks, cheese & salumi, DVD’s, and a Mario Batali shop.

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