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Left coast cheese we love...

Harley Farms Goat Dairy
Loved the “Monet Torte” decorated with edible flowers and a layer of Herbs de Provence. Also, some fine little firm goats rolled in Pepper, Chive or Dill. - online

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Cheesemaker Monte McIntyre crafts California’s only raw milk all-natural blue cheese. Classic creamy blue, with great texture, tang and richness. - online

Cypress Grove Chevre
The outstanding Purple Haze” done with a touch of Fennel Pollen and Lavender! There Humboldt Fog Bucheron is a legend. They have been doing award winning soft ripened cheeses since 1983. - online

Laura Chenel’s Chevre
The first Artisanal Cheese goat cheese maker in the US. The “Chabis” is still a classic with it’s fresh mild flavor. The standout for me was the “Cabecou”. Button sized aged and marinated in extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Nutty, rich., and just yummy! - (707) 996-4477

Rouge Creamery
From Oregon… a silky and full flavored blue… fave… the “crater lake blue”- online

Fiscallini – Bandage Wrapped Reserve Cheddar
Made in traditional 60 pound wheels and aged 18 months. This one has a wonderfully rich earthy flavor. Straw colored and crumbly. Also, most yummy. - 

 Most of the cheeses mentioned here are widely distributed along the left coast at finer cheese mongers. In the Bay Area visit Rainbow grocery, Whole Foods and the Ferry Plaza. For a vendor list visit our resource section. Or visit the online site for the producer.