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Farm to Table with Full Circle Farms!

●  Full Circle grows, sources, and delivers some of the freshest and most flavorful organic produce and artisan goods making them a convenient choice for your table. Many of the finest restaurants in the Seattle area get their produce from Full Circle Farm. Take advantage of this great home delivery service and you will have access to more than just fine produce. Meats, dairy, bread and more are available from the very best northewest producers. To fine out more visit the Full Circle website.


Farms Reach - Bringing Chefs and Farmers together

A web platform for local food logistics. Using FarmsReach, buyers can source local, sustainable food. Producers can show what’s available and coordinate deliveries and orders.

Vist: FarmsReach


EdgeWorks Knife Sharping Service

 Art Downing has a passion. With a motto “never a dull moment” he wants nothing more that to ensure that your knives stay sharp. He operates a mobile service in the Bay area at many Farmers Markets including Napa, Marin, Petaluma and Sonoma. He also handles the need of many top Bay Area Chefs. Art handles scissors, and most hand tools.

Art sharpens cutlery in 3 stages, starting with a slow turning water bathed grindstone to create or restore an appropriate bevel. This bevel is then honed and polished with a series of abrasives. The result is a razor sharp edge with a mirror finish, that will endure a lot of heavy use.

Phone: (707) 694-3721
email: art@edgeworkssharpening.com