Pasta 101 - Pasta shapes you need to know
Friday, April 17, 2009 at 9:51AM
off the vine
Spaghetti is still the most popular and versatile shape. As perfect for a rich, meaty sauce as it is for garlic and oil, this coarse, thin noodle is the traditional cut in Neopolitan kitchens.

Egg Pappardelle

A hearty egg pasta traditionally served with a rich ragu of rabbit, fresh porcini mushrooms, or veal. This is an off the vine staple.

Known by a slew of different names, fusilli is a tightly coiled corkscrew. The nooks hold onto rich sauces - like a creamy cheese sauce in quattro formaggio. Another shape to keep in your pantry.

A smooth, short tubular pasta with pointed ends that is so versatile, it’s always great to have on hand. We love this one, baked with a ragu sauce, sausage and cheese in layers…

Egg Lasagne Sheets
Rich, eggy noodles for your lasagna recipes. 

Translates to “little tongues”. Great with a sauce of garlic, white wine and clams. Finish with parsley and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

A butterfly shape, great for a pasta salad.

Large, ridged shells. Stuff them with creamy ricotta fillings and bake.

The classic smooth tube with flat ends. Known as “bride’s pasta”, zite is often served at weddings in the traditional baked dish with bolognese and bechamel. This one was a favorite around the “Soprano’s” house.
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